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21st Century Private Academy

21st Century Private Academy

21st Century Private Academy Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

  • 21st Century Private Academy
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Opened 2010


+971 2 441 3077


+971 2 441 3078

P.O.Box 67986

Hadbat Al Zafranah, Airport Road / Muroor Road

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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21st Century Private Academy Rating by DubaiFaqs DubaiFaqs Rating by DubaiFaqs Updated on 21st Century Private Academy Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates 21st Century Private Academy Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Rating: 3.0



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Twenty-first Century Private Academy

Twenty First Century Private Academy will guide learners to become confident and inspired individuals in a Philippine Curriculum that reaches across the disciplines, cultures and age levels developing the whole person.

Learners are encouraged to meet educational challenges with openness, passion and a willingness to solve problems. TFCPA aims for cooperation, respect for individual differences equipped with strong community values.

Pre-Elementary KG 1&2
High School

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