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Abu Dhabi government media office

Abu Dhabi government media office


Created on
October 14, 2019
Last modified
October 14, 2019
October 2019




we, in Abu Dhabi government media office aim to connect news, information, ideas, build the link between the government with people, identify who we are and where are we going , enhance the communication between Abu Dhabi and the world,To communicate the vision of the Abu Dhabi Government and the stories of our people to the UAE and beyond. We want the world to know who we are, what we believe, and where we are going. ... To clearly show the link between the vision of our leaders and the activity, progress,will be responsible for representing the government in the media,preparing and organising press conferences for the emirate and monitoring local and international media content to grow its reputation. It will communicate the latest developments in the capital, and the emirate's vision, values and traditions.


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