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Abu Dhabi

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Created on
July 22, 2019
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July 22, 2019
September 2018


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"We are your best healthcare partners. Health hub is a web platform and versatile application which has the advantage of simplifying the healthcare journey for patients. Our healthcare directory enables you to search for the ideal doctor, ideal healthcare facility using specific search criteria and review elements. We listen to your heartbeat, but also your story. We are here to make healthcare at the Health hub. Wellbeing applications are application programs that offer wellbeing services for cell phones and tablet PCs. Through the app or the web portal, you will be able to interact with a digital avatar doctor that listens to you and delivers appropriate responses. The patients are the ones who receive the most benefits of the healthcare apps while scheduling appointments and to find the best specialist in their locations, and also to get reviews within a fraction of seconds. During health hub sign up, we can sign up either as a standalone provider or as a Health care group. The healthcare app at the health hub has become the need of the hour because it has simplified the time of booking appointments. "
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