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The Cambridge High School


Created on
December 18, 2013 at 6:37 am
Last modified
December 10, 2018 at 12:44 pm
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+971 2 5521621


+971 2 5521622


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Mohammed Bin Zayed City


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Established in 1988, The Cambridge High School, Abu Dhabi, provides high quality education based on The National Curriculum for England to students from Kindergarten to Year 13. The school ensures a holistic education by providing the students with an excellent value based curriculum and wide range of activities and opportunities designed to provide quality education with high expectations.

The school prepares students for the IGCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education), AS and A Levels. Our examination results have been consistently above the U.K. national averages. The school is also an approved centre for the University of Cambridge International Examinations and for London University.
Set in a spacious campus, the school is divided into two Sections: the Junior (Year 1 to Year 6) including the Kindergarten and the Senior School (Year 7 to Year 13). Outstanding teaching, variety of opportunities and good facilities make the school one of the best in the city. The school equips its students with all the necessary skills required to explore the opportunities of the present and face the challenges of the future with confidence.

Along with academics, we offer our students a wide variety of co-curricular programmes designed to ensure equal opportunities for all to participate. The Cambridge High School, Abu Dhabi has a proven track record for successes, both in academic and extra-curricular activities.

With students from more than 45 countries, we are proud of our international character, our cultural diversity and the richness that this brings to the school. We are a wonderful example of a successful international community characterised by our unity, encouragement and support of one another and our appreciation and understanding of the differences

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