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Anaheim CA

Environmental Green Tree Care


Created on
January 23, 2020
Last modified
January 23, 2020
January 1991
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1705 S. State College blvd,


We are a specialty tree care company making Eco-friendly tree trimming and landscaping our priority. Offering our clients new drought efficient landscaping options that are affordable and attractive. We will travel almost anywhere! We maintain the aesthetics of your home while providing upgraded curb appeal. We specialize in any type of tree trimming including trimming potentially hazardous trees, any type of tree removal, stump removal and grinding, brush clearance, artistic and natural pruning. One of our primary focus includes safety for both the client and the employees. We have an impeccable safety record. Once the tree work is completed, the premises will be left just as clean as when we started, if not cleaner. During the tree trimming process, our goal is to preserve the tree and maintain its overall health. We accomplish this by not using climbing spikes or gaffs during the trimming phase. Every single tree has a special way of being trimmed to ensure it continues to properly grow and flourish. By the time we complete the job, we guarantee that we will leave a better tree. We offer free estimates and reasonable rates.
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