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Parayil Road, Elamakara, Kochi - 682026 India

Asoka World School in Ernakulam is one of the leading CBSE schools to use Google for teaching and learning. The worldwide platform of technology fosters collaboration among instructors and students. So that Ashoka school effectively uses technologies for the development of students. Ashoka school provides children a special educational environment and we transform your child into a leader, a good learner, and a future-ready personality. The school's global standing has resulted in the growth of beneficial engagement among its members and kids. Ashoka school provides the ideal teaching and learning for the academics, depending on the merits of teamwork by the crew members. The faculties of Ashoka school work hard, to ensure that the kids have a good understanding of the external world. By developing optimism, Ashoka School provides many threads of opportunity for young minds. Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis.
Ashoka school believes in the values of;
Right Livelihood and Fraternity.
Right View and Concentration.
True Individuality and Spiritual Maturity.
Pure Wisdom, Knowledge & Mindfulness.
Right Aspiration and Effort for Excellence.
Right Speech and Action.
Logical & Non-Judgemental.
Truth, Respect and Mercy.

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