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Created on
October 31, 2019
Last modified
October 31, 2019
October 2019



Tech1 Factory LLC PO Box 191372 Atlanta, GA 31119 1372


Be your own boss with Tech1 Factory Chuck that proverbial 9-5 chairs with Tech1 Factory. Offering you one-of-the-kind platform for all the freelancers/clients around the globe, Tech1 Factory is brainchild of 2 trailblazer young blood looking to change the way people work. By bringing the best of the clients and freelancers together and enabling them with the best online freelance marketplace, the traditional rules of employment are turned upside down. There is no paperwork; all the clients and freelancers need is T1F messenger to discuss projects and details back and forth with utmost ease. T1F also offered payment protection as well as dispute resolution for the same so that neither the client nor the freelancer loses their money. Be it freelance technical writing, freelance creative writing, web designing or social media projects; Tech1 Factory is a new workplace for people who like to carry work with them wherever they go. Give it a go and you might be spoilt by the freedom and choices this platform offers.
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