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Walker Chiropractic


Created on
July 19, 2019
Last modified
July 19, 2019
July 2019


(706) 504-3511


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104 Woodland Rd. Augusta, GA


Over the years I have cared for patients in all age ranges for infant to adult. I also work with athletes to help them perform at the highest level and best of their ability. I have worked on many athletes in a wide variety of sports including MMA fighters, runners, Olympians, and NBA players. I love to spread the message of chiropractic and the natural healing process. I am a very informative and fun communicator and I cannot wait to come talk to your group. I am an engaging speaker and give talks on many subjects including but not limited to; Nutrition, Exercise, Overall Wellness and Dieting. I have also been sought out to do motivational and positive mental attitude seminars. I would love to come speak to your organization and help spread the message that anyone can live a happy, healthy, well-adjusted lifestyle.
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