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Created on
June 20, 2019
Last modified
June 20, 2019
August 2015
Education & Training
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Career Counseling
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Mon to Fri - 9:00 am to 5:30 pm



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No-165 Sri Gayathri complex Near Bhagavathi Hospital, HSR Layout.


Leanwisdom is the best curated professional course provider for Project Management, Agile and Scrum. With a desire to guide professionals in their Agile Journey. It is a leading programs provider designed to approve the skills of professionals and help the organizations to achieve the business calls Our offerings include – Training, Coaching, Consulting. In a short span, we have trained many professionals and supporting them with Cross-Skilling and up-skilling, the Agile, Scrum and other project Management domain. By 20 + years highly experienced trainers / Coaches in the respective domain. Our main focus is on Coaching and Consulting Our trainers understand that Agile is not one size and fits in all the solutions. So we offer expert guidance with well-planned and designed Agile methodologies like SCRUM, technical practices of XP, Kanban, etc. Which will help the organization to find and achieve measurable goals for maximum agility; our customized coaching and consulting ensure appropriate Agile implementation which is critical to achieving the maximum benefit and impact of Agile. Leanwisdom is offering successful solutions from years. Leanwisdom is the most trusted learning and development partner for the working professionals in all the prestigious companies. We have specially customized quotes based on your corporate needs. Please get in touch with our Sales team for more details - Leanwisdom believes in experiencing and implementing the facts rather than learning or By hearting. Our training is not just about learning but we have an assessment to test your team’s performance as well.
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