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2 years ago

BioIntelligent Wellness

Our programs are based on the latest cutting-edge innovations in human biochemistry and exercise physiology research. The nutritional component of our programs focuses on choosing the right foods, in the right proportions as fuel, and the powerful effect that food has on the body as a whole: energy level, weight management, and performance.
Unlike traditional programs, our lifestyle approach does not advocate the outdated paradigms of roller coaster of “dieting” or generic fitness plans. Instead, the program provides the client individualized programs based on facts, stats, and figures unique to them and their lifestyle. Our philosophy is very clear, effective, and is sustainable long-term because it’s centered on the client.
Our programs’ success is measured in terms of long term and maintained improvement in health symptoms with accompanying weight loss (or gain) if needed. Subjectively measurable indicators include energy levels, mental clarity, sense of well-being, happiness, and strength.
Typically, our personalized programs consist of multiple private and/or group sessions that focus on the client’s unique needs and life situation. We will work directly with you and any related health professionals on your team to design and execute personalized programs, based on current health conditions, needs, and goals. The programs are designed to integrate seamlessly with additional medical services, diagnostics, and treatment if needed.