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Boca Raton FL

Decorative Concrete Bonita Springs

Decorative Concrete Bonita Springs


Created on
January 18, 2020
Last modified
January 18, 2020
January 2020
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Decorative Concrete Bonita Springs - Here at Image Custom Coatings, each of our employees have been factory certified and trained to install a unique kind of cementitious and epoxy product from Elite Crete, which restores and beautifies concrete surfaces. We do not install over other manufacturers products, we mechanically grind, blast or etch the concrete surface so these overlays permanently bond to the concrete you have. Our overlays consist of three major roles. We can apply a 1/4” cement overlay and stamp it. Trowel down a thin overlay to any design imaginable. Or we can skim coat and restore your concrete to a like new surface 623 SW 23rd St., Cape Coral, FL, 33991 CONTACT - 2396286436
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