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5/8 Lambert Rd, Indooroopilly Brisbane 4068 Australia Brisbane QLD Australia

Health, comfort, economy, fun, with an eBike, you can go to work, have fun, exercise and respect the environment. A solution for intermodal, sustainable and intelligent mobility. What started as a small niche market has now become a trend. 2.5 million Electric bicycles already circulate on roads alone. Opting for an eBike is a worthwhile decision. The power of an electric bike makes cycling more relaxing, allow you to travel longer distances and reach the destination cooler. To understand your success and your connection with people, you have to understand its main advantages like the benefits for the environment. Bike rental Brisbane is in perfect harmony with nature, especially if they use their eBike daily. Half of all trips made by car are 5 km or less. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the CO 2 emissions of a car are around 40 times higher than those of an electric bicycle.

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