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Sports Merchandise in Australia – Team Elite

Sports Merchandise in Australia – Team Elite


Created on
July 29, 2019
Last modified
July 29, 2019
January 1991




Team Elite have experience operating in the sports merchandise business since 1991 and have been involved with event merchandise and merchandise supply at all levels - from small club and school supply, through to the merchandise operations of several World Championships, major Rugby Tours, the Commonwealth Games and many National Championships (see our Event Merchandise for more information). Our day to day merchandise customers include state and private schools around the country, universities, several Institutes of sport, Swimming Australia, Swimming New South Wales, Queensland school sport, Australian Dragon Boat Federation, Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association and many, many sporting clubs and schools across Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom and Oceania. We are official sponsors of the Australian Dragon Boat Federation, Queensland School Swimming, Dragon Boat Queensland, Dragon Boat NSW, Wide Bay Swimming, Brisbane River Dragons, Grimsey Adult Swimfit and Albany Creek Swimming Club. One of our commercial partners is National Schools Regatta, Britain's largest rowing championships, for whom we have supplied products for 28 years. Team Elite is the trademark owner, distributor and retailer of products featuring the Team Elite name, Team Elite cap and goggle motif, Eat Sleep, Eat Sleep Swim, Eat Sleep Run, Eat Sleep Paddle and Eat Sleep Rugby slogans and branding.
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