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Bulk Fuel Delivery Australia - Refuelling Solutions

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Maxi-Tankers bulk refuelling is the innovator of tailored solutions for direct-to-site refuelling. Built on decades of providing direct-to-equipment refuelling, Maxi-Tankers offers unrivalled convenience in bulk form.
With a capacity to deliver bulk fuel, Maxi-Tankers is ideal for refuelling on-site storage tanks, and perfect for haulage applications and large project requirements. Maxi-Tankers bulk refuelling trucks are equipped with high quality safety and monitoring technologies, providing tailored solutions for bulk fuel supply. Maxi-Tankers can be used independently, or incorporated into your tailored Quality Assured refuelling management system, using a combination of Mini-Tankers and Maxi-Tankers to conveniently, productively, safely and efficiently keep your operations running.

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