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31, Jalan SS 26/15, Taman Mayang Jaya, 47301 Selangor, Malaysia. Selangor Malaysia

Cake Tella commenced three years back when Eddie was merely 23 years of ages. When he took off, he chose to specialise in designing cakes that are produced with alcohol. This is an unusual choice, considering most bakers would prefer to have their products approach the mass market. Won't specialise in alcoholic cakes put his company in a spot that would only interest a niche target market? Eddie did not believe so.

The alcohol part was to build a specific niche market, to create something special so individuals would discuss it, something to stick out. In a saturated baking market where everyone is already attempting to bake the best cupcake or mille crepe, Eddie went on the road less taken-- and it has paid off. Now, 2 of the best sellers in Cake Tella are alcoholics cakes, the Signature Baileys Choc Mousse and Tiramisu Kahlua.

Cake Tella uses a variety of premium cakes that will definitely suit your taste buds for online cake delivery. Our alcohol cake KL incorporates eggs, dairy, and alcoholic cakes consist of genuine alcohol. Cake messages (approximately 5 words) are composed with peanut butter on a piece of chocolate and you can compose whichever words that you want to by suggesting it while putting an online cake order. If you are trying to find add-ons to make the cake more appealing than it already is, you can also get our cake topper or firework candle. Both are included in our cake delivery solution.

Crepe cakes are basically layered cakes with cream in between each layer. What is different in each crepe cake is its flavour and texture. As an example, our Apple Crumble Crepe cake has littles apple jam in it and it is topped with our homemade biscuit collapse while the pandan kaya crepe cake is filled with pandan kaya cream and topped with toasted coconut crumble. Buy your cake at and have it delivered to your doorstep now!

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