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Created on
July 16, 2019
Last modified
July 16, 2019
June 2019
Interiors & Decor
Home Improvement & Maintenance
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Mon - Fri / 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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If you have hard floors that get cold in winter, then rugs might be the perfect solution for providing comfort underfoot because the rug offers invaluable insulation while adding a touch of style to your living space. You can find the most suitable rug at Hertex Haus. We have a large variety of rugs from modern design, classic art and botanical art to kitchen runners, geometric and outdoor rugs. Our large selection of rugs is of the highest quality and range from the affordable to the luxurious. You will be hard pressed to find rugs that match our quality and prices to match so visit a Hertex Haus near you or visit
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