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Get Cheap Beer

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Created on
April 17, 2019
Last modified
April 17, 2019
April 2012
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Online Shopping
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10:00 TO 9:00 Monday To Friday
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Street Address:- Box 3624 City:- Carlsbad State: California Postal Code:- 92010 Phone No:- 760-434-8950 Email Id:-
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Welcome to the Get Cheap Beer app. The Get Cheap Beer app was developed to provide those individuals who enjoy drinking beer to get the best possible price for the brand of beer of their choice. We have a program in the app that allows you and your friends to earn points and receive cash rewards. THE PROGRAM is simple: just visit your local store and post a picture of any beer display and the price. Post the image into the Get Cheap Beer app and receive 100 points toward your weekly total score. The Get Cheap Beer member with the most points will receive a $100.00 reward paid on Thursday evening. Members will be paid directly to their pay-pal account. This reward can help fund your next weekend event. You can track your score and the time left in each week’s event as well as other competitors for the reward in the LEADER BOARD tab. Our purpose is to help our members save money on their beer purchases as well as find great discount coupons. Responsible drinking of beer and alcohol is the responsibility of each and every person who drinks. Over indulging in the use of alcohol is dangerous to yourself and others, around you! NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE!
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