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Created on
March 13, 2020
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March 13, 2020
June 2016
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It’s like Your Digital Visiting Card. Every Company Needs a Customer, you know 2.2 billion people search the internet every day. Internet Portals are great medium for selling your product. Stand out from the crowd, be updated or you will be lost. A Simple portal creation increase company value. Your company exposure will get expanded, from local to national. You can do sales 24/7 for years, without human interaction. You customer can view your website even at midnight. So, there is no Close down. Your internet media speaks about offers, products details, promotions, events etc., It gives you credibility. You can make money through your online page by AdSense. You’ll showcase your site in Google Search Results. 90 % of online users use google for SERP Results.
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