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Resurrected Cabinet Coatings, LLC

Resurrected Cabinet Coatings, LLC


Created on
December 30, 2019
Last modified
December 30, 2019
December 2019
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Resurrected Cabinet Coatings uses our cabinet painting process to add beauty and quality to your home. The kitchen is arguably the heart of the home, leaving no better place to focus on improving. Renew your kitchen or bathroom cabinets for a fraction of what a remodel costs. Our approach takes your old and outdated cabinets and renews them by coating them with a hard acrylic paint that is easy to clean. We Bring Your Cabinets Back To Life! Services Offered: Cabinet Painting Colorado Springs, Free In-Home Estimates, Color Consultation, Door and Cabinet Repairs, New Door Options, Cabinet Trim Carpentry, Soft Close Hinges, and Drawer Slides, Custom Pull-Out Shelving. ------------------------------ Address : 4260 Rosalie St,Colorado Springs, CO, 80917,USA----------------------- Phone : 719-964-2831
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