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9 Abinger Drive, Kent, ME5 8UL Chatham United Kingdom

When you need IT support services in the Kent and London area, look no further than Compute4U. Our team are passionate about helping others with technical difficulties, as well as providing high quality tech software and services to help your business operate at full capacity. Our experienced and professional team have a plethora of skills which allows us to provide a wide variety of services, such as IT Support, Office Moves, Cloud VOIP Phone Systems, Office 365 Migration, Cloud Services, AV Solutions, Data Cabling Solutions, Business IT Support, On-Site Support, Remote IT Support and Off-Site Back-Ups.

Office moving can be a stressful task due to the complications involved with setting up all of your IT systems in a new environment without suffering from too much down time. Here at Compute4U we can make this process as simple as possible by providing on-site services to get your IT system and software up and running. If your business relies heavily on your computer systems, you could lose everything in the event of an emergency, such as a fire or flood if you do not have back-ups in place. At Compute4U we can provide off-site, secure data back-up storage and we can use this data to get you operating again as quickly as possible without losing your important information.

Cloud VOIP phone systems have become an important part of many modern businesses, allowing for employees to make calls without needing physical landlines. We can set these systems up throughout your business, handling all of the technical aspects for you. As well as VOIP systems we can provide your business with office 365 migration services to fully integrate your office systems into your business.

Our team are all highly trained and experienced so you will receive the best service every single time. When you choose an IT support firm to assist with the technical aspect of your business, you need a business you can trust; by choosing us, you are ensuring that the best people are on the job. Contact us today for more information about our services!

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