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Discover great businesses and places in Dubai

Tips to Save Money in Dubai


Created on
4 years ago on January 4, 2015
Last modified
2 months ago on November 29, 2018

Tips to Save Money in Dubai

Here are some key tips to live cost efficient in Dubai and save some money.

[HEADER]★ Social Media[/HEADER]
Keep an eye on your social media for the special offers and promotions.

[HEADER]★ Email Subscription[/HEADER]
Subscribe to a relevant promotions or deal website, so you can keep update yourself by all special offers and deals all the time.

[HEADER]★ Gifts Items[/HEADER]
Avoid to buy expensive gifts for the occasions, consider those shopping malls and gift centers where the prices are less. Try any online shopping website.

[HEADER]★ Birthday Parties[/HEADER]
Try to host birthday parties by your own with a home-made cake.

[HEADER]★ Loyalty Cards[/HEADER]
Take your loyalty card from hypermarkets and superstores. And use it for your home grocery shopping.

[HEADER]★ Sibling Discount[/HEADER]
If you have more than a child then always ask for a sibling discount.

[HEADER]★ Shop for Clothing[/HEADER]
Try budget stores for example Carrefour, Lulu Hypermarket, Centre Point and Splash etc.

[HEADER]★ Dubai Shopping Festival[/HEADER]
Plan your shopping between the month of Janauary to utilize the big sale in Dubai Shopping Festival.

Whenever plan for a family or friends picnic, always suggest affordable places or home-made food.

[HEADER]★ Credit Cards Offers[/HEADER]
Keep an eye on your credit cards offers and deals.

Use any free message send app on your smartphone.

[HEADER]★ Landline[/HEADER]
Use landline to call on the landlines.

[HEADER]★ House Rent[/HEADER]
Don’t spend more than 25% of your income on your home rent.

[HEADER]★ Light Bulbs[/HEADER]
Use engery saving light bulbs at your home.

[HEADER]★ Gardening[/HEADER]
Always water your garden in the evening or night. Just to avoid the heat of the day-light.

[HEADER]★ Lights & Air Conditioner[/HEADER]
Turn off any lights and air condition when not in use.

[HEADER]★ TV Subscription[/HEADER]
You can also consider to cancel your monthly TV subscription and can use your internet online streaming to watch it online.

[HEADER]★ Lunch Time[/HEADER]
Use a packed breakfast and lunch from home while on work every day.

[HEADER]★ Grocery Items[/HEADER]
Try to buy in a bulk quantity and make a storage at home for example cooking ingredient etc., when possible.

[HEADER]★ Unused Items[/HEADER]
If you have any house hold item unused at home, just try to sell out on Dubizzle or any other online classifieds website.


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