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April 24, 2014 at 12:26 am
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December 8, 2018 at 5:48 pm
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+971 4 3442626


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Villa 153, Beach Road Jumeirah 1


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Dilates blood vessels, improving circulation and relieving congestion throughout the body. Acts as a mechanical cleanser, stimulating lymph circulation and eliminating waste and toxins. Relaxes muscle spasms and relieves tension. Increases blood supply and nutrition to muscles.

Improves muscle tone and helps prevent or delay muscular atrophy resulting from forced inactivity. May have a sedative, stimulating or even exhausting effect, depending on the type and length of the massage treatment given. Can be an aid to reducing weight, combined with a nutritious low calorie diet. Improves the general circulation. Increases the excretion via the kidneys, or fluids and waste products. Improves tissue repair on bone fractures and breaks down the formation of adhesions after surgery.

Improves circulation and nutrition of joints and hastens the elimination of harmful deposits; helps lessen inflammation and swelling in joints and so alleviates pain. Helps to reduce edema or dropsy of the extremities.

Disperses the edema following injury to ligaments and tendons, lessen pain and facilitates movement. Makes you feel good it is a sharing of loving energy involving trust and care and above all, love.

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