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Jetski Rental Dubai


Created on
September 4, 2019
Last modified
September 4, 2019
September 2010
Boat & Ship
Services, Amenities & Features
Water Sports
Opening Days & Hours
Daily 10am - 6pm




Welcome to your No. 1 Operator for Jet Ski Rental Dubai and Water Adventures. Located in the beautiful artificial Marina next to Jumeirah Beach Residences and in Umm Suqeim 2 Fishing Harbor. Our Jet Ski Tours start in the most impressive location of Dubai. Surrounded by the jet ski rental dubaihighest residential buildings in the world our Jet Ski Rental Dubai guided tours will give you a an unforgettable impression before you even sit on your thrilling ride. jet ski rental dubai guided tours will give you a an unforgettable impression before you even sit on your thrilling ride. Don´t worry about anything. First time on a Jet Ski? No idea where to go and which rules to follow? Our skilled team will make sure that your trip is save. The adventure starts with proper safety briefing. You will learn how to ride a Jet Ski Dubai save and easy. How to turn, how to get back up on your Jet Ski if you fall, safety gear and speed control, that´s what you learn in our Dubai Jet Ski Safety Instructions. Our Jet Ski Rental Dubai Marina Tour will bring you inside the Palm Jumeirah a breathtaking artificial Island. Take some pictures in front of the amazing Skyline of Dubai Marina and then let´s head to the big Yacht of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. This 162m long Yacht worth 400 million USD is a real eye catcher. Your Jet Ski Dubai trip will bring you further to the only 7 Star Hotel on the world, the Burj Al Arab. If you decide to go for a longer Jet Ski Dubai ride of at least 1 hour you will able to see Atlantis Hotel also, located on top of the Palm Island. To find out more about our Jet Ski packages and prices feel free to use our Live Chat. Our professional team will guide you to your personal adventure on your Jet Ski Rental Dubai.
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