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June 25, 2019 at 3:47 pm
Last modified
June 25, 2019 at 3:50 pm
June 2005
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“Are you planning to decorate your room with stunning wall decorations? A room is incomplete without a wall décor because it reflects the personality of a person.
There’s a ton of ways to make your wall art actually interesting and beautiful. Stylish wall decorations help to bring your empty walls to life. But, do you feel uncomfortable by continuously hearing the drilling noises and making your home dirty with dust particles? Kosmosmith is giving a solution for you by creating an innovative mechanism for hanging pictures and various other objects on the wall called KLAPiT.

We are an Innovation-driven new business situated in Dubai. Nowadays, more and more people choose to hang several paintings on the wall when decorating their homes. When you have chosen to contribute your time, exertion and cash in the artwork which is giving the ideal completing touch to your family room, it’s imperative to choose the correct artwork.

KOSMOSMITH provides a product named KLAPiT, which is uniquely designed to suspend objects such as photo frames, paintings, wall-clocks etc, on walls without using drills and screws. KLAPiT gives its users the flexibility to remove and reattach the objects in the same place. In contrast to a screw, KLAPiT is easy to utilize and is damage free.”

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