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Created on
October 20, 2014 at 5:09 am
Last modified
December 9, 2018 at 3:35 pm
September 2014
Nursery & School
Services, Amenities & Features
EYFS - Early Years Foundation
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+971 4 337 337 4


+971 4 337 343 7


+971 55 2724848
+971 56 9888153



Villa No: 25
Street 3b Behind Spinneys, Near Al Wasl Road

Public Transit / Driving Directions

Villa No: 25 Street 3b
Behind Spinneys
Near Al Wasl Road.
Nearest Metro Station: Noor Bank


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Milestones Nursery:
Milestones Nursery – Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow
Milestones Nursery provides a welcoming child oriented environment where practitioners support children on their journey to becoming independent learners. Our Nursery is a HighScope Quality Assured setting which is situated in Al-Safa2, Dubai. The Nursery is easily accessible from Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Wasl Road and Jumeirah Beach Road. We provide care for children from 4 months until 4 years, in our friendly, cheerful, stimulating learning environment.
The educational philosophy of the Milestones Nursery recognizes the uniqueness of every child and has at its belief that children gain confidence, initiative and a lifelong love of learning when involved in well-supported activities of their own choosing. Activities are planned to meet the children´s interests, developmental stages, and channel their abilities. Research clearly demonstrates a link between children´s achievements‚ and their self – esteem, so we aim to provide varied learning opportunities for children to achieve, and learn through play. We encourage children to help others and become thoughtful in relation to their peers.
Child-initiated learning is at the heart of our practice and is rooted in the approach developed by the HighScope Educational Research Foundation. We believe that children learn best through active engagement with the world around them; and through meaningful and relevant experiences, supported by listening adults. We share children’s experiences with parents and offer materials and courses that promote self-initiated learning and exploration as key ingredients to having happy children who are motivated to learn. Our outcomes show that all children make significant progress in their dispositions and attitudes, social development and communication, and language and literacy skills, in particular.

Our goal is to provide to an environment that enables children to be creative, and that´s why we not only offer established methods of education, but also incorporate the latest technology. With the use of i – pad tablets, interactive boards and augmented reality, we make education fun for children throughout the day at the nursery. With a connection to a large display your child can become the educator. We believe that an early introduction to technology gives children a fantastic head start, allowing them to understand and develop new skills, as their education progresses.

We understand that ‘learning occurs constantly whether intentionally or incidentally’ ( MacLeod-Brunell 2004: 45), therefore any activity during the course of the day is a perfect time to learn!

How we aim to work with children and families:

• We are committed to provide children with the best quality care and education.
• We will give children a wide range of learning experiences.
• We will offer fun sessions for families over the holiday periods, through the ‘Holiday Club Program’.
• We will offer opportunities to take part in activities that will help families to learn.
• We want to be able offer families the opportunity to take part in activities that will be fun.
• We want families to feel part of the nursery so we will encourage families to come and join us in our stay & play days and adult learning sessions.
• We want parents to help us throughout the day.
• We will listen to our parents, as we work closely with them.

Our Team:
At Milestones, our staff is trained to receive a minimum of NVQ Level 3, HighScope certification or equivalent. Our management team boasts Degrees, higher level NVQ, Montessori, High Scope and teacher status qualifications.
We believe that safety and monitoring are of paramount importance in the ongoing progression of our nursery. As such, we have devised procedures to ensure that children’s wellbeing is constantly reviewed. To ensure this our staff take part in a full HighScope Educational Research Foundation – internal and external training program, keeping everyone up to date with the latest educational developments, whilst allowing us to appraise our methods, exchange opinions and develop a wealth of ideas.
Our staff is part of a multidisciplinary team aiming to provide a stimulating environment that encourages children’s natural curiosity to observe, experience, socialize and learn. The creation of a happy, stimulating and safe environment is brought about by our committed staff, who share an absolute love of children.
Our staff is approachable and responsive. They will always take time to tell, what has happened during the day and pass on anecdotes. Every day children are given opportunities to make something new to show, share and talk about, whether it be a cake or a piece of writing or a particularly colorful painting that parents not recognize as themselves!
We encourage parental involvement at all times and hold parents’ events and consultations. Parents are invited to come in and support children at various events over the course of the year.

Milestones Nursery – spaces to play and places to be:

Our Facilities:

• Our space impacts active learning from bright lit windows, active learning areas in each classroom, IT lab, smart interactive boards, CCTV, garden areas, rubberized soft floor and padded walls.
• The outdoor shaded play area completes your child’s home away from home. The outdoor area is equipped with soft floors, padded walls soccer field, cars, tri-cycles, rocking horses, car racing tracks, parents waiting area, sand pit with soft balls, picnic tables, water and sand play area, purpose built and age appropriate swings and play house– from the Rainbow Play Systems (USA).
• Adventure and discovery awaits the young explorers who venture through our indoor activity room. The innovative activity room comprises of crawling tunnels, hopscotch mats, role play area, stacking and building blocks, steps of learning library with story sacks, stepping stools and tower of activity and learning.
• Milestones Nursery offer flexible timings for children from age 4 months to rising 4 years. The timings can be tailored according to the needs of the working and non-working parents, with flexible pick up options.
• KHDA and MOSA approved nursery.
• Active parent interaction program through Milestones Portfolio Files and My Agenda communication books.
• Free CCTV access to the parents, of the site.
• Secured password protected entry system.
• HighScope (American) – researched based preschool curriculum.
• Milestones Nursery is an injury protected environment. B-Safe the UAE’s first comprehensive child safety specialist has provided holistic childproofing consultation and installation services at the nursery, ensuring that accidents are preventable.
• Boecker — world class pest management services has committed to provide safe, effective applications, state of art pest control equipment and systems at the nursery.
• Dettol – is our official cleaning partner committed to ensure that the nursery is a germ free area. Mild, chemical free and child safe cleaning agents are used. The cleaning and medical solutions are kept away in high, flame resistant and safety locked cabinets.
• From our French, Spanish and Arabic language immersions program, zumba, ballet, clay and dough modeling modules, cooking classes, mini golf, soccer sessions, gym classes, dramatic play, design and technology classes, Milestones Music Together program, afternoon club and more every day at Milestones Nursery is fun for everyone!

Contact Details:

Location: Villa No: 25 Street 3b Behind Spinneys, Near Al Wasl Road — Dubai
Contact Numbers: +971552724848 +971569888153 +971 4 337 337 4
Fax : +971 4 337 343

Contents of Milestones Nursery are copyright to


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