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SIENNA Handbags, Watches, Perfumes, Cosmetics, Jewellery & Beauty products online shopping in Dubai UAE


Created on
April 3, 2015 at 2:34 am
Last modified
December 10, 2018 at 11:04 am
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Near Carrefour, Deira City Center, Dubai UAE


Our SIENNA brand depicts that always trendy, modern and fashionable look of today’s women. Sienna Handbags and Accessories Dubai brings with it a sense of style that is unparalleled. Having its roots as far back as 2004, the Sienna brand has evolved into a new revolution in the industry with its always current and updated collections.
SIENNA Handbags Watches Jewellery Perfumes Cosmetics & Beauty Products Online Shopping in Dubai UAE. an online fashion and beauty shopping portal serving the planet with love covering Dubai, Abu Dhabi,Sharjah, UAE and just about anywhere else too like, USA, UK, Australia, India, China, and South Africa. When a shopping mall or souq or bazaar just doesnt excite you anymore, then is the place you want to be. In our house you can find amazing products like…. Branded Sienna Handbags, wallets, purses, satchel, hobo, leather handbags at great prices, fashion, designer, branded, original bags for online shopping. For fans of watches, we have got it all with brands like Citizen, Brocot, Casio, Mens & Womens watches, quartz, analog, digital, automatic, ecodrive, chronograph, sports watches, De Cambridge, Fitron, Gemstar and Slimstone. Lovers of fashion accessories we have an unlimited collection of imitation Jewellery, silver jewelry, customized Jewellery, kids jewelry, wire Jewellery and earrings. We also have a range of personalized jewellery. Beauty is in our DNA! So you can get lost in our latest collections of cosmetics, makeup, makeup base, lipstick, eyeliner, foot mask, face mask, hand cream, face cream, mascara, foundation, shampoo, lotion, blusher, make up remover. Buy online top brands like Missha. Shopping online has never been easier. And with the easy returns that we guarantee along with customer support that is beyond compare, there is not a better time to get click. When you are done, our famous delivery team zooms so fast, it will arrive before you even click pay! Hey you never know! We just might surprise you! We not only hope you will come back, we KNOW you will. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger came back! Call @ +971-44221726

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