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Snag and Inspect | Dubai Property Inspection


Created on
June 17, 2015 at 2:40 am
Last modified
December 10, 2018 at 11:15 am
Accept payment methods
American Express
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+971 4 374 6885


+971 4 374 6754


+971 50 758 3454


Postal or Zip Code

408 Yes Business Centre, Al Barsha 1

Public Transit / Driving Directions

At the back of Mall of the Emirates (MOE)


© OpenStreetMap contributors


Snag & Inspect was founded in 2009 by Douglas Ralph, who after 28 years in the construction and maintenance industry, decided to use his considerable knowledge and expertise to help and assist others in protecting their property investments.

Douglas moved to the UAE in 2006 to take up a senior post in building maintenance, and when the wind of change swept across the property market, he quickly realised that there was a need for a high quality inspection and consultancy service, and so in 2009, in partnership with His Highness Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Snag & Inspect was launched.

Since those early days the company has gone from strength to strength rapidly gaining a reputation for high quality reports, attention to detail and high ethical standards. In late 2011 the company began working with the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) by providing support for RERA’s involvement in the implementation of the Emirate’s ‘Strata Law’ introduction, aimed at providing quality consumer protection for property purchasers and support for the Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) in their desire to raise the standards of property inspection within the Emirate.

In more recent times the company has been involved with Dubai Municipality on the safety of Fairground Rides and been working with Dubai Civil Defence on Fire & Life Safety issues, it has also been involved with the Abu Dhabi Government on issues involving building maintenance and on the introduction of auditing programmes.

Our Inspection Services:
Our services focus on supplying clients with a very clear snap shot of the property condition, maintainability of the building equipment/systems, building safety, and leisure systems that are being purchased, managed or handed over. Our services can be customized to meet all levels and types of inspection and investigation needs, the most popular being:

Handover Inspections:
This inspection is extremely vaulable to an owner when preparing to accept handover of a new property. We will provide a detailed snag report within 72 hours, which can then be shared with the Construction / Development Company before final signature.

Prior to the 1 Year Warranty Expiry (Defect Period):
Home/property inspections prior to the expiration of the new home 1 year warranty/defect liability period will provide an authoritative list of items that need attention by the developer.

Purchase of pre-owned Property:
Similar to the handover inspection, It provides the perfect document for both purchaser and vendor to work from to resolve any outstanding issues prior to final signing.

Tenant exit and move in Inspection:
It protects the interests of the owner and the tenants by creating an independent move in/move out document.

Specialist Investigations:
Fire and Safety inspection, insurance claims, bad smells, mold, unexplained damp patches, floor that are no longer flat, blocked drains, Snag & Inspect have the equipment, knowledge and expertise to investigate the problem and provide a solution.

Reserve Study and Sinking Funds:
Studies for funds designated for the replacement and major rairs of building assets.

Corporate Services:
For corporate clients we also offer on-site inspectors, charged out at a daily rate, maintenance audits and building audits covering key building elements and systems.

Maintenance Audits:
To ensure that the quality of their building is maintained over time owners are requesting maintenance audits just like they require financial audits. We carryout maintenance audits for owners (single and Joint) and assist in Facility Service providers compliance.

Insurance Claims Audits:
A forensic study for building insurance claims is a specialty that Snag and Inspect has provided for insurance companies, owners and tenants. This provides a third disinterested parties analysis of the claim.

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