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Created on
February 11, 2020
Last modified
February 11, 2020
February 2020
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This is a VPN application for iPhone and Android. Specially we targeted Gulf countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, etc. People use the application to browse restricted websites to use restricted apps. For example, in the UAE this application widely used to make voice and video calls via WhatsApp, IMO, etc. People also use our app to hide their identities and watch movies on Netflix etc.  The VPN app is widely used to protect privacy online. Symlex VPN is an absolute no-log VPN App. It does not observe nor stores any history of web surfing at all.  Therefore you got to go with our app worry-free. Anybody can use our app for free outside UAE. In the UAE people need to spend a little subscription fee.  We have bulk purchase options to the resellers. Anybody can be a Symlex VPN reseller and then can generate unlimited user-pass for the end-users and sell it to the retail customers. There are attractive pricing for the resellers. Often we use to run promotional offers for them too. We also have the White Label Branding option of our App. Therefore, you can develop and launch your own branded customized VPN app into the market. There are many customized VPN apps running globally. Some of them you can find from our Kolpolok Website ( We use Open VPN, Open Connect, Shadowsocks, Wireguard, etc. Area served: All over the world, best support for the gulf region specially UAE, Saudi and Oman
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