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X-HEATING (Propane Gas and Electric Heater)

X-HEATING (Propane Gas and Electric Heater)

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Created on
October 21, 2019
Last modified
October 21, 2019
June 2017
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Opening Days & Hours
9:00 am to 6:00 pm Saturday- Thursday Friday - Closed
Parking availability
Parking Lot
Entry Fees or Policy
“5% VAT coming for heaters sold in UAE by start of 2018”
Time Spend
People typically spend up to 9 hours at X-HEATING (Propane Gas and Electric Heater)
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Cash on Delivery
Western Union
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Email address
+971 54 792 9762 +971 50 163 8512



In business since 2 years, Our Patio Heating company is one our providers for outdoor and indoor living products. Our mission is to provide outdoor heating lifestyle products from around the UAE country. Our brand includes mushroom patio heater, infrared patio heater, pyramid patio heater, led heaters and patio heater rentals. Our company is always striving to provide innovative products, prompt service and free delivery as well as the best in class made from highest quality materials and are made to last. If you want to create an additional summer outdoors, spend more time in the cozy oasis that you’ve spend so much time available in variety of shapes, sizes and styles to fit your outdoor heating needs. With our different models of outdoor heaters, colors and controls available, it is easy to customize your space you’re living or working environment comfortable during the colder months. An outdoor patio heater is the best solution to extend the heating moments in comfort. The price of our patio heater offers in Dubai is depends on the materials used or the source of energy. Our Stainless steel is one of the most commonly used materials due to heat buildup and outdoor use. In Dubai patio heater rentals are suitable for a variety of settings including bars, restaurants in multiple areas around your home like patios, pool area, open gazebos, and more. Our rental heaters are available in an array of styles including portable and table top models, hanging models, wall and ceiling mounts, and free-standing models. Infrared Heaters/Propane Heaters There are options for various sources of heat energy (propane and infrared heater). Infrared heating works on infrared radiation, it’s just like the infrared radiation from the sun, and extending the length of seasons, suitable for commercial (hospitality, terraces and open indoor spaces. Infrared heats up people and objects before air. A high warmth efficiency with a low energy cost.
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