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Durian is really a special tropical fruit. Its well-known in Southeast Asia, where its nicknamed The king of fruits. Durian is quite high in vitamin, consisting of more than most other fruits. The fruit is flesh can range in color. It is most frequently yellow or white, but can likewise be red or green. Durian grows in tropical areas all over the world, particularly in the Southeast Asian countries of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Durian Bear was founded with a mission! A mission to shipment FRESH DURIAN to your doorstep. Hello hantu durian! We have an idea that you are craving for durian and we are here to save your day! Musang King, Tekka, D24 you known as it, we havee got it! Just like you, we are durian fans ourselves. That is why we always wanted FRESH Durian that smell good and taste incredible. And as a result of we are so INTO durian, we hand-pick each pack prior to we ship to you. Our commitment to quality indicates that every order has our personal confidence in it being the freshest durian. That is why we are offering the One For One 100% Replacement Assurance. Yes, that is 1 pack for each pack of sour/unripe durian.

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