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Orounda PSP


Created on
February 20, 2019
Last modified
February 20, 2019
February 2015




69 Brunswick Street


This entire world is a complex system and our busy days need solutions to improve our lifestyle. Be a part of the development by using the best financial services and let the future be to your advantage. Statistics proved that over 1 billion dollars are traded online daily. This means the online market is increasing as we speak because everybody knows how to make online payments. We are sure you know that, so it’s time to find one of the safest payment methods. OroundaPSP is now, here, close to you, to keep things under control. Who we are? Our brief story - The Promise We would like to start our presentation with a promise because we are sure we will keep it. OroundaPSP came to life in 2015 with the goal of providing the best financial service and teach everyone how to make online payment safe and sound. If you think it took us too long, you have to understand that we decided to wait until the perfect product was created. So, now, here it is. Everything you knew so far is about to change... Why?! Because things are going to become easier and safer for you. „OroundaPSP” is a top payment service provider that helps both buyers and sellers protect their identity and make easy online transactions. As a professional payment method, OroundaPSP made its way to the top and became a trusted payment service faster than any other competitors. It took us 3 years but we built robust omni-channel partnerships network with established payment institutions. Now we also deliver Alternative Payment Methods, and everything related to the payments acceptance and processing Why us? The Proof We stand tall behind our statements, and even if we started with a promise, it doesn’t mean you have to take us for granted. Just put our words to the test because we will be more than happy to prove our skills and emphasize our qualities but especially your benefits. -More than 150 payment methods -Flexible and innovative -Fintech and Forex professionals -More than 50 Partners -PCI / DSS certified
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