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Edmonton AB

TF Truckload and Logistics


Created on
February 17, 2020
Last modified
February 17, 2020
October 1955
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1 (800) 663-8477
1 (800) 663-8477


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T6P 1J4
2840 76 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6P 1J4


TF Truckload & Logistics is your full-service LTL trucking provider, delivering high-quality services across Canada and North America. Our status as the leading LTL trucking and logistic team in North America has positioned us to provide our customers with a wide array of high-quality LTL trucking and logistic services. We offer clients heavy haul trucking deliveries to destinations across Canada and North America. With connection points all across Canada and North America, we can provide management strategies that focus on safety when transporting products, most direct routes and ensuring you get the most of your budget. Regardless of where you need to deliver your package, with our logistics expertise, we will provide the highest level of service. Get the best LTL trucking and logistics in Canada and North America with us. Contact our team today.
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