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F45 Training Kingsland

7004 Macleod Trail Unit 118 Calgary Canada

The F stands for Functional! Here at F45 in Kingsland Calgary, we aim to help you smash and conquer your fitness and lifestyle goals. Our innovative F45 training routine is designed to motivate and push you to the limit, with a 45-minute session mixed with circuit and HITT style workouts that are continuously evolving, so no two sessions are ever the same! You'll find motivation in our group training facility thanks to its pulsing, upbeat environment where you'll bond with your fellow fitness freaks and our lead personal trainers. We're more than just a training studio; we're about aiding people with their personal goals through our nutrition program. We'll help you achieve healthy objectives with daily meal plans, tracking, and community support. Experience F45 Training in Calgary the way it should be here at Kingsland. Contact us today at [email protected] or 587-997-3357.

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