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Total Mental Wellness


Created on
June 27, 2019
Last modified
June 29, 2019
June 2019
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Mon - Fri 9 AM to 6 PM
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500 East Broward Blvd. Suite: 1710


Audrey La Noce is a board-certified wellness coach and proud owner of Total Mental Wellness. Total Mental Wellness's team specializes in a "whole person approach", which not only involves a psychiatric evaluation but also includes a wellness evaluation. We are well versed in the latest treatments for mental health conditions, including some non-traditional treatments. We provide different treatments like treatment of depression, anxiety and bipolar, women's issues (anti-aging, social issues) and LGBTQ. We provide individualized and comprehensive care for individuals of all ages. We offer a specialized service to increase an individual’s quality of life by incorporating meaningful activities. As a wellness coach, we help people assess their current physical and emotional state, and helps them set goals for what they want to achieve in their overall wellness and health by working with them on plans of action to reach these goals. We work with the patient to find the best treatment plan that works for them.
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