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Gordy Roofing Inc

251 Co Rd 3960 Hawkins, TX 75765 United States

William Riley Gordy Sr. started roofing in the Dallas area in the late 1960’s and developed a passion for roofing houses. Being a family man he left the Dallas area and moved to the Tyler area 10 years later, feeling it was safer and a better environment to raise his family. Starting over he went on later to become one of the top roofing companies in East Texas. Mr. Gordy had three sons, William, John, and James who worked with him after school, weekends and on Summer breaks. It was during these times that William Sr. instilled in all three of his boys the values and business ethics required to build a successful company. After the sons finished school they were able to oversee and complete the jobs while Mr. Gordy continued to estimate jobs and sell them. The Gordy brothers have continued the tradition learned from their father and built the company into what it is today.

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