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Green Projects Consulting

Carl-Orff-Str. 8b, 68542 Heddesheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany

Green Projects Consulting gives a variety of services including project management training, project and portfolio management strategy, as well as implementation services.

Green Projects Consulting begins the transformation with the creation of an individual analysis for a company in terms of project and project portfolio management. Based on this the best solution is developed that is individually tailored to the company. After the solution is developed and set with senior management an implementation phase starts with clearly defined key performance indicators monitored and controlled during the complete transformation. Those steps really help to increase the speed of projects up to 100% and to accomplish exceptional growth and to stand out from the competition.

Green Projects Consulting has extensive knowledge in project portfolio management, building value-driven PMOs, organizational transformation, change management, and advanced project management applying critical chain project management and TOC principles to reach significant improvements for clients.