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Housing Disrepair Claims UK

United Kingdom

Housing disrepair is any damage to a tenant's property which is the responsibility of the landlord, is causing a diminished level of enjoyment to the tenant within their home, and is as a result of poor upkeep by the landlord towards their housing stock.

In general, issues such as damp and mould resulting from structural or plumbing issues, unresolved rodent infestations, damaged and defective windows, as well as electrical and heating issues could all fit within the remit of housing disrepair.

If you have experienced any challenge as regard to disrepair and your landlord has failed to fix the situation within a realistic time since you reported the issues, you are entitled to make a housing disrepair claim. Contact our housing disrepair claims firm and speak to a member of our specialist housing disrepair team through their free housing advice helpline.

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