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Academy of Culture and Language

Academy of Culture and Language


Created on
November 29, 2019
Last modified
November 29, 2019
November 2029
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The Academy of Culture and Language is a brainchild of its creator and founder Marissa Burres. Native Panamanian with over 15 years of experience in language education and a strong foundation in Business Administration. As part of her journey, in 2003, she moved to Houston, got certified, and started teaching Spanish to Middle and High School students from Level I to Advanced. She headed an afterschool ESL program and worked as a Spanish Instructor for an online High School. Along with her fluency in Spanish and English, she is also proficient in German, language that she learned while she spent one year in Germany as an exchange student and worked for a German bank back in Panama. In her spare time Marissa serves as a liaison between families who want to host or send their kids to other countries for cultural exchange, and volunteer in several charities including Big Brother Big Sister and The Houston lifestock Show and Rodeo. As a globetrotter, she has embraced every opportunity to be a part of multicultural events and exchange ideas. She has visited various countries like India, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, England, Honduras, Canada, Autria, France and Russia Her ability to say a word or phrase in over fifteen languages inevitably sets her apart! Through these years Marissa envisioned an Academy that paints her passion for culture and language and leverages her expertise as a teacher and a business owner. Now she counts with the tools, the methodology and the Team to help more people to accomplish their language and cultural goals. She believed that anyone can learn a new language at any age if they chose to do so. “Learning a new Language can be a fun experience, and even better while learning all the cultural aspects”, says Marissa.
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