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Allison Wood Ventures


Created on
January 29, 2020
Last modified
January 29, 2020
January 2015
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Allison Wood Ventures is a global investment company that works on the principles of vision and value creation. We want to support entrepreneurs having a worldwide ambition. As a venture capital company, we continuously look for people or organizations that have the force of upending the bigwigs. Allison Wood Ventures isn’t just a typical venture capital firm but a value-creation organization as we regularly hunt for competent and smart people that have the fire to restructure the traditional ways of doing things. We strive to nurture such people by bringing scalability to their designs. Our priority domains include financial services, consumer retail, media, real estate, and telecom, spread across the globe in 6 continents. Allison Wood ventures is not just about capital financing, but we assist the portfolio companies on methods of creating a superior business model. We look for an excellent partnership with righteous and honorable businesses, and they would get the same from us.
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