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Aurous Academy - Best IIT-JEE Coaching In Bhopal

Aurous Academy - Best IIT-JEE Coaching In Bhopal


Created on
March 31, 2020
Last modified
March 31, 2020
March 2015
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J-8, Jhalana Institutional Area, Jhalana Doongri


Why pick Aurous Academy? Since the foundations for this coaching center were laid by IITians and NITians, the founders know the problem areas that arrive when students prepare for entrance exams. To gain expertise in anything, you must practice it repeatedly. We give ample opportunities to the students to test their skills through our regular test series. These help the students understand where they are lacking and how further they need to go. At Aurous, we believe in reaching the roots and finding the solutions. This is to address a major problem with students studying for IIT-JEE, they get less and less proficient in problem-solving when they are out of practice. Old concepts must be as fresh in their minds as new concepts. There are detailed discussions held in classrooms by the professors, to engage the students and understand who isn’t able to keep up. We provide individual focus on each student, irrespective of their pace and grasping ability. Aurous coaching doesn’t believe that only exceptional students do well in life. It is the education they receive, the experience they earn and the knowledge given to them by their peers and faculties that can make an average student exceptional.
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