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September 27, 2019
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September 27, 2019
January 2015
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Your Guide to happiness. eTherapyPro is a platform for online counseling. We help to match you with a licensed counselor and provide you with a safe online place to communicate. Start free online therapy chat with a licensed therapist when you suffered from anxiety, depression, infidelity, divorce or self-esteem etc. It’s great for anyone who longs to change their life for the better. Our licensed therapists can help guide you on your way to happiness. It’s completely free to try it out with no obligations. How does eTherapyPro Online Counseling Work? Your eTherapyPro online counseling account includes secure and confidential messaging that works like email. Communicate as often as you like back and forth with your therapist – whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for you. You may schedule the following services direct with your counselor: • Live Chat • Live Video • Phone Call The Role of eTherapyPro: The role of eTherapyPro is to connect you with a licensed professional counselor. Once we help you connect we provide a confidential place for you to exchange messages with them. The majority of the fee you pay is passed on to your counselor. They are the professional providing therapeutic services and eTherapyPro does not interfere with your counseling in any way. In other words, we only provide the platform for counseling. Some of major e therapy types we handle: • Grief and Loss Therapy • Emotional Abuse Therapy • Bipolar Online Therapy • Break Up Therapy • Cheating Hurts Therapy • Therapy Sessions for Depression • Divorce Therapy • Infidelity Hurts Therapy • Life Change Therapy • Therapy for Panic Attacks • Political Therapy • Relationship Therapy • Self-Image Therapy • Self Esteem Therapy • Stress Management Therapy • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Counselors on eTherapyPro: All the counselors on eTherapyPro are professionals working across the United States. They all hold at least master’s degrees or above. They are all independent professionals who are licensed in their state of residence. The licensing laws in each state are unique but most require: a master’s degree or above, a practicum or internship, standardized exams, and 2000 hours of supervised counseling experience.
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