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925 Silver Jaipur


Created on
June 20, 2019
Last modified
June 20, 2019
January 2011
Jewelry & Accessories


+91-992 999 1111


Postal or Zip Code
Silver Tower, Sharma Building Lane, MI Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan India


Incepted in 2011, 925 Silver Jaipur has been catering to the Jaipur silver jewelry requirements of the clients from different parts of the country. Unlike most other silver jewelry manufacturers in Jaipur, we embrace quality, creativity, and commitment as the pillars that drive us to offer excellent products and services to our clients. We always strive to provide jewelry and products that match even the most unique and exclusive specifications of the clients without fail. As we know that each client has individual needs and fashion preferences, we rely on bespoke and tailor-made manufacturing processes to surprise all our clients. What makes us one of the best and most sought-after handmade silver jewelry manufactures in Jaipur is our ability to employ highly extensive and carefully realized manufacturing process that leaves no room for mediocrity. This is what helps us create comprehensively pure and hallmarked jewelry for all our clients wanting to make their unique fashion statement wherever they go. Our quality manufacturing process helps us provide the best and most unique looking handmade silver jewelry for all our clients as per their orders as well. We never try to fit the needs and fashion affinities of the clients into a single mold. Instead, we serve even the most exigent and particular needs of the clients with great care. As such, every piece of handmade silver jewelry that we manufacture can don a unique charm and signature style to itself, making them all the more rare and invaluable. We are always a client’s manufacturer as we are always ready to support the client with any requirements. This unique nature of ours makes us one of the most preferred handmade silver jewelry manufacturers in the whole of the country. A part of it must be attributed to the quality standards that we constantly uphold with all the items that we manufacture for our clients. As we want to offer the best handmade silver jewelry in Jaipur to all our clients, we have an extensive manufacturing process that involves exceptional technological nuances and creative insights. We use expert and veteran designers to bring excellent designs and patterns to all the jewelry to make exceptionally beautiful, elegant, and stunning all at times. When it comes to offering a wide range of handmade silver jewelry to our clients, we do not just pay attention to the aesthetical and visual aspects of the jewelry that we make. We toil hard to make sure that all the materials that we use are of top quality and sourced from established and trustworthy suppliers in Jaipur. All the materials are treated to ensure maximum quality and that they are safe for various skin types of our clients wearing it. Over the years, we have toiled hard to create a unique sense of quality and aesthetic elegance all through our products all the while never making our products expensive for our clients. Apart from all our unique service propositions, this thoughtfulness to offer maximum value for our clients what distinguishes us from the rest of the similar providers.
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