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Jenkins Freshpac Systems

Jenkins Freshpac Systems – Leaders in Automatic Produce Packaging & Palletising Solutions

Looking for a solution to automate end of line systems in your packhouse? Jenkins Freshpac Systems can assist with their palletising machinery options for fast, cost-efficient results.

Jenkins Freshpac Systems offer a range of fresh produce handling, packaging, and packing solutions to meet the needs of New Zealand’s packhouses and fresh produce producers. This includes our palletising solutions, with a choice of machinery for unpacking boxes, filling boxes, stacking boxes and strapping produce containers.

Automation is the key to free up your workforce, save time, reduce costs, and increase safety. Packaging and palletising of fresh produce is one of the most important steps along the packhouse journey where efficiencies can be made to speed up the process resulting in a saving to your bottom line.

Jenkins Freshpac Systems can help you make those savings in time and money. We supply machinery to meet the highest specifications and standards so you get peace of mind that your packhouse will keep running efficiency and cost effectively.

Partner with Jenkins Freshpac Systems and you’re partnering with a company whose name is built upon a long history of being known for consistently going the extra mile to meet and exceed your expectations.

Visit our website for a comprehensive insight into our automated packaging and handling systems or call us on 07 575 0562 to find out how we can help you speed up your processes and save you money.

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