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24 Hour Alcohol


Created on
January 8, 2020
Last modified
January 8, 2020
September 2009
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Open for alcohol sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Open 24/7, even at Christmas, New Year & Easter.
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24 Hour Alcohol helps you buy booze at night from 24 hour off licences and all-night alcohol delivery firms. Regardless of how late/early it is, you can always buy beers, wine, spirits or even champagne from your local 24 hour booze outlet. 24 Hour Alcohol was established to help people find booze late at night or after hours as some people call it. Since the law was changed to allow 24 hour drinking in 2005 (The Licensing Act 2003), it has been possible for premises to apply for 24 hour licences. The problem was, no one knew where to find premises licensed to sell alcohol 24 hours, so we started the mammoth task of mapping all 24 hour off licences in England & Wales (Scotland & Northern Ireland still do not have 24 hour drinking). By 24hr off licence, we mean any premises licensed to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises, such as superstores, supermarkets, convenience stores, newsagents, mini-markets, corner shops and petrol stations. We now have all licensing authorities (councils) in England & Wales covered, so use our store locator to check where your local shop with a 24 hour alcohol licence is located. If you cannot get to a local off licence to stock up on booze, it may be possible to order alcohol for delivery straight to your home or office. Drinks are ordered online like a Deliveroo, Uber Eats or Just Eat takeaway and then delivered to your door a short time later. Now you will always be able to get a few more cans of beers or a bottle of wine, there are no more last orders with 24 Hour Alcohol! Now that you can search the database of 24hr offies, you will find big 24 hour supermarkets like Tesco & Asda, which are good for buying booze at night during the week and Friday nights but due to Sunday trading regulations, large supermarkets cannot open 24 hours on Sunday (they can only open for a maximum of six hours on Sundays). There are a growing number of smaller shops (Tesco Express, Sainsburys Local, Morrisons Daily, Co-Op Food, Spar, Londis, Costcutter, Premier Stores, Nisa Local, Budgens, Best One, Family Shopper, Go Local, Simply Local, M&S Simply Food, Little Waitrose etc.), which can open 24 hours on Sunday, that are now licensed to sell alcohol 24/7. There are also a large number of petrol station garage forecourt shops (BP, Shell, Esso, Texaco, Jet, Gulf, Applegreen, Harvest Energy, Murco, Essar, Total etc.) with 24hr alcohol licences and in many areas, petrol stations will be your only option when it comes to buying booze late at night.
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