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January 23, 2020
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January 23, 2020
January 2020
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The RedNoel masturbator cup knows how to please a man! Besides high-quality material, our masturbator has inconspicuous design. It is the most well-known masturbation strokers\' model which has become the world\'s favorite. The set includes an inconspicuous plastic flask which contains the rest. It is comfortable to handle due to its relief. The plastic components are the lid, the body and the bottom. The bottom has an opening which can be closed for vacuum intensity. The package includes: The body is made from smooth and resilient thermoplastic elastomer. On the outside, it looks exactly like a real woman\'s vagina with a clitoris. The inner part has a shape of a convex spiral and creates excellent vacuum effect while using. The set also includes an accurate instruction manual which we recommend to follow for a long-lasting use. We provide a guarantee so that you can contact us for help if any questions about the masturbator cup arise. Stop testing different male sex toys - choose the RedNoel masturbator and fall in love with it! Use only water-based lubricants with the product. After using the male masturbators cup, rinse it in water and clean it with a sex toy care materials. STOP testing various sex toys for men - Choose a RedNoel Masturbator and fall in love with it!
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