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Rimless Compression Pliers

Rimless Compression Pliers

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Created on
December 3, 2019
Last modified
December 3, 2019
December 2010
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Vertex international is an international Optical tools supplier. We have a proud to getting the huge number of our clients in our past years.We have all our tools with the full needs and satisfaction of our client. We offering the large number product including Adjustment Pliers,Assortments,Calipers,Cutting Pliers,Deblocker Pliers,eyewire forming pliers,Essential Tools Kit,Wide Jaw Angling Pliers,eyeglass nose pad adjusting pliersRimless Compression Pliers,Screw and Extractor Pliers,Screw Driver,Snip Chain Nose Plierson a single platform.
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