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September 9, 2019
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February 5, 2020
January 2010
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Without the ideal humidity levels, wines cannot be stored properly. If the cellar environment lacks humidity, it will spoil the wine. Choose a custom wine cellar cooling unit that is efficient enough to provide a cellar with the ideal level of humidity. US Cellar Systems is a trusted manufacturer of quality residential and commercial custom wine cellar refrigeration systems in California. We help our customers in creating a stable environment for any wine cellar design. Our Split wine cellar cooling units are designed to provide the temperature levels that wines need to age tastefully. They are also designed to be highly customizable and flexible. Whether you’re building a large commercial project or a small residential closet or cabinet, you can find the right kind of climate control system with US Cellar Systems. Not only are our products guaranteed to be high quality, but we also provide reliable technical services, such as the installation of units, and troubleshooting dysfunctional cooling systems. For all of your wine cellar refrigeration needs, feel free to contact US Cellar Systems at the following numbers: Office: (562) 513-3017 Tech: (562) 728-5774
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