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Valley Recovery Center


Created on
February 15, 2020
Last modified
February 15, 2020
February 2010
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32237 Agua Dulce Canyon Rd Agua Dulce CA 91390


Valley Recovery Center is a men s luxury rehab center in Agua Dulce, California. Our facility is ideal for those who enjoy picturesque views of idyllic landscapes and are looking for rooms more akin to a deluxe hotel than what you d expect from a substance abuse treatment center. Not only do you reside in lavish surroundings, but you only share your space with five other men at one time. Exclusively working with small groups of clients enables the addiction experts who oversee your care to spend due time and attention with each resident. Solely admitting men means our programs are always relevant to your needs. Our clinic has a fully equipped gym and game room, as well as daily exercise sessions.
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