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milestone egypt


Created on
January 22, 2020
Last modified
January 22, 2020
January 2019
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Egyptian company with an over than 15 years of experience in mining. Milestone Egypt Co benefited from the team\\\'s accumulated experience, the strong financial supporting background and the acquired technology it turned, eventually, to the field of extracting the calcium carbonate for export and designated it’s quarry which was found (complying with the international standards) in Minya region in upper Egypt We actively monitor both market and customer trends to help guide our products development for the future. With access to some of the best quarries in the region, we can directly supply you with purify Egyptian calcium carbonate. We have the purest types of calcium carbonate All of our high-purity products And packaging according to the buyer and the best prices that You need to calcium carbonate We are honored to deal with and are ready to provide price and send samples of chemical analysis.
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