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1 Brookwood road Hounslow tw3 4hb 1 Brookwood road hounslow United Kingdom

+44 7593 995985
+44 7593 995985

The world of art is full of different types of paintings, and the modern art painting is one of the many styles. Modern art paintings are abstract and modern in subject matter and style, and many artists choose to use the bright, bold colors and geometric patterns in their paintings. Modern art paintings can include such things as shapes and patterns, and can often be named after the artist. Modern art paintings are also sometimes created in a specific style such as Impressionism. The paintings are often made with abstract colors, shapes, and sometimes no recognizable objects at all. Some of the most famous artists of modern art painting are Maryam Art Studio, 1 Brookwood road Hounslow tw3 4hb. Phone no: +44 7593 995985 Email: [email protected]

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